sabina e michele - bed and breakfast villa paradiso

Welcome to the Bed & Breakfast Paradise Villa… where dreams meet reality!

For several years we had in mind to achieve a sort of “retreat” that would give us the opportunity to share our passion for travel with other enthusiasts like us.

The Bed & Breakfast Paradise Villa is a project born in the saddle of a motorcycle, caressed from the air and loads of excitement in going to discover the treasures of nature, art and architecture.

All this has allowed to enrich us with many beautiful experiences and knowledge, and we would like to give the same emotions to those who want to know the city of Urbino and the land that surrounds it, because the experience can be translated into a beautiful memory, also made sharing.

We like the idea to welcome you to our beautiful garden of flowers and herbs, with the chirping of birds hosted by huge old trees.

The large arcade before the house is the place of meeting and relaxation where you can taste delicacies, exchange views, learn or simply relax in the sun. Every room in the house is very bright and natural light, creating a pleasant continuity with the external environment.

For any need we are happy to help you from near the floor below.

See you there!
Sabina and Michele